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IRAF (V2.16.1+ snapshot) installation on macOS Mojave (10.14.6)

I have been looking for time to make a smooth and clean IRAF installation. That’s when it came, and I wanted to note here how I installed the latest version of IRAF (NOAO/IRAF community V2.16.1+ snapshot) from GitHub on my computer. I hope it will help someone. In fact, everything is explained in detail here, and I took advantage of it. The usual way is to install IRAF under the root directory “/iraf/iraf“, but I didn’t do that. So I didn’t need system administrator rights for installation. I installed directly under my $HOME directory. XQuartz and ds9 must be installed on your system. You can find them on their website: […]

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A fast usage of tablist, fitscopy and fitshead

In this post, i wanted to take some notes about a few useful CFITSIO tools’ commands for myself. First of all you need to install cfitsio library into your OS. For OS X; For Debian Based GNU/Linux distributions; For RPM-based GNU/Linux distributions; I often have to deal with public astronomical catalogues and I have to fetch a certain part of the sky. In particular, I would prefer the FITS tables not images :). For this reason, I need a quick manipulation tool: CFITSIO – A FITS File Subroutine Library. Especially; tablist, fitscopy, listhead… listhead: It is very simple. List FITS file’s header&keywords… For whole header information: For a specific keyword: Example: Bring the catalogue’s […]

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Connect your Raspberry Pi to Wireless Network Automatically

Do not worry, doing this job is actually easier than you think. Let’s see how: Firstly, in cases when you need to reset the default settings, backup your configuration files with command below; Then edit the -/etc/network/interfaces- file like following content (for auto dhcp/WPA-WPA2); If you want to assign static ip address to your RPi here the solution;) Finally reboot your device; Check your internet connection; That’s it! Reference:

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